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Recent changes to the Licensing Law of 2003 meant that London establishments serving late night alcohol could apply for a new licence to extend opening hours past 11pm, to cater for the haven of Londons late night drinkers.

These changes to the Licensing Law of 2003 were made to increase control of licensing alcohol and also try to increase prevention of crime & disorder and public nuisance, which can be associated with late night drinking. Pubs, bars and clubs can now apply for a license to sell or deliver alcohol in London between the hours of 11pm-5am.

From February 2005 any savvy business owner who wanted to set up a late night drinks delivery service in London will have to apply to the appropriate local council for the new personal license to deliver alcohol, and they would also have to apply for a premesis licence to store alcohol.

Any new or existing establishment that did not apply for the new license by November 2005 would have to cease trading.

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Order up a bevvy of booze delivery drinks to your door, and get your 24 hr alcohol delivery to all Zone 1, 2 & 3 areas in under 45 minutes. Pay via Credit Card [chip and pin] or Cash. Fully licenced. Fully Legal. We are your CarBar London.

CarBar menu for 24 Hour drinks delivery London features the top brands, frozen vodka, chilled beers, stunning wines and classic champagnes. Beer delivery also known as 24 hr alcohol delivery is one of the bonuses of living in the heart of London.

Welcome to CarBar all night alcohol delivery in London. CarBar London is an all night 24hr delivery alcohol service based in south London catering for the wider Wandsworth, Clapham, Battersea & Fulham area. CarBar is a newly established business for fast and reliable all night wine, beer, spirits (Alcohol) service.